Meet at 1700 on Saturday 19thMay


Kit List


Consent Forms (TG021 & TG023 if applicable)

Civilian Clothing

Warm Fleece or Layer

Gloves & Hat

Waterproof Jacket*

Sleeping Bag*

Roll Matt, Camp Bed or Camping Airbed (don’t bring an inflatable mattress)*

Water Bottle*

Knife, Fork &/or Spoon


Bin Bag

Personnel Wash Kit

Any personal medicine

Ruck Sack or bag to contain items above*

If possible please bring a tent


* items marked are available for loan if required. There is a limited supply of some items. Please contact a member of staff at the earliest opportunity if needing to borrow equipment


We will be providing pasta & sauce for the cadets to cook and eat for dinner and a porridge pot for breakfast. If this is not going to be acceptable please contact us to identify a suitable alternative.


Cadets are allowed to bring a limited amount of snacks, sweets or chocolates but will have to dispose of all rubbish they generate.


Collection at 1000 on Sunday 20th May